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About Us

Chelsea's History

Club origins go back to the early 1920’s and was named Chelsea Girls Club in March 1923, training hundreds of girls in physical culture.

The girls have competed in local competitions throughout the lifetime of the Club and in 1951 commenced competing at the Royal South Street Competitions at Ballarat which  we continue to do  to this day.

The Club became incorporated in 1986 and was renamed Chelsea Girl’s Calisthenics Club Inc, evolving in 2002 to Chelsea Calisthenic Club Inc. 

After years of training in local community halls we relocated to our current facility that has been renovated and improved to the outstanding sports centre we occupy today.


We are a committee run, not for profit organisation heavily invested in our members wellbeing and dance enjoyment.  


We are a competitive team sport with opportunities for solo performances. A wide variety of items ensures new skills are presented. Throughout a Calisthenic career pupils are given  the opportunity to sing, learn gymnastic and ballet techniques, marching and apparatus work.


Our coaches are all accredited Level 1 coaches and First aid certified.

Our Vision


We feel this best represents everything we as a club stand for and strive to be.

We strongly believe Calisthenics teaches and encompasses important life skills such as - independence, confidence, commitment, resilience, friendships, creativity, teamwork and goal setting.

Mission Statement

Chelsea Calisthenics Club provides opportunities to develop self-esteem,

Calisthenics and social skills through teamwork and commitment, demonstrating pride in our club in a supportive environment.

Purpose Statement

Foster a positive, forward thinking environment that supports members to thrive and succeed. Strive for success and improvement in all areas of our club by continually reviewing and evolving. 


  • Provide a supportive, inclusive community environment 

  • Respect and celebrate our club heritage 

  • Celebrate and acknowledge achievements of members

  • Continue to raise the profile of Chelsea Calisthenics Club and grow new community connections 

  • Continue to support the wider Calisthenics community via Bayside Solo Competition and hosting of Skills Assessments

  • Provide a high performance culture through excellent coaching staff who teach Calisthenics skills in an enjoyable and disciplined manner

  • Provide high quality and well maintained facilities for our members

  • Best practice for club management via open and transparent dialogue with all members and annual review of policies/ procedures to identify areas for improvement  

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